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Freelance B2B Copywriting

Blog articles

Blogs are often the first touchpoint with a prospect. I help you make a great impression, answering pressing questions and offering solutions with authority.

Website copywriting

You only have a few seconds to make an impression. I write copy that commands your target audience's attention and motivates them to act.

Landing pages

Whether you’re promoting a demo, free trial, or webinar, I write copy with the influential elements that drive more conversions.

Email copywriting

Getting the high ROI associated with email marketing depends on great email copy. I write emails people open, read, and respond to.

About Amy

Hi, I’m Amy, a Wisconsin born-and-raised gal who answered when the Colorado mountains called. 

Twenty years later, this is home — with my husband, two daughters, and dog. It was a good move!

What my clients have to say

“Amy’s work has been superior in every way…I’ll be the first to admit that writing B2B topics — SaaS, enterprise tech, digital transformation — is difficult. But she makes it look easy, and the assignments she’s helped Cleo with have all delivered results.”

John Sawyer


“Amy produces smart, lively, engaging content — always carefully aligned with the brand. It’s a pleasure to work with someone who quickly gets the purpose of the specific piece, understands the big picture business-wise, and attends to details with such commitment to quality.”

Anne Ladk​y

Corporate Coalition Of Chicago​

“Amy is a talented and savvy writer with a knack for creating a message that makes an impact. It’s almost impossible to read her stuff without becoming immediately engaged and persuaded…I highly recommend her to anyone looking for fresh, creative copywriting that works. She is truly one of the best.”

Steve Slaunwhite

Award-winning copywriter and bestselling author​

“I know three things happen when I assign Amy a project. I know she will research the subject exhaustively and bring stats and citations. I know she will share her process, provide suggestions, and deliver on time. And I know she will write a fantastic article I barely have to edit.”

Darren Foong​


“Amy is the most versatile writer I’ve ever worked with. I’ve asked her to write about everything from peaches to SEO and enneagram personality types. She writes fast and delivers expert-level content. Every time. On top of being able to write on a wide variety of topics, Amy’s fast and easy to work with. She’s a gem, and I highly recommend hiring her for your next content development project. ”

Kimberlee Morrison

Leverage Creative Group​

“Amy is a reliable, high-performing writing resource. She jumped in with both feet on high-level content in the martech/adtech space, bringing a keen eye for sources, a relatable tone, and careful attention to detail. Her content helped Claravine rank high for keywords like data integrity, data standards, marketing measurement, and more.”

Russell Wojcik