About Amy

Hi, I’m Amy, a Wisconsin born-and-raised gal who answered when the Colorado mountains called. 
Twenty years later, this is home — with my husband, two daughters, and dog. It was a good move!
Before I ventured West, I earned a finance degree at Miami University and worked in software sales, where I experienced the thrill – and agony – of the dot-com boom. After nearly a decade, I hightailed it out of the industry, tired of being “as good as your last quarter.”
Since then, I’ve built a freelance B2B copywriting business, leveraging my sales skills and understanding of the B2B buyer journey for SaaS brands like Cleo, Claravine, OpenPhone, Chili Piper, and other B2B businesses.  
And while I am a top-notch writer, I strive to be more than that. My goal is always to be a trusted partner who cares about your audience and finding solutions to their problems as much as you do. 
So, I go deep with my clients. I ask a lot of questions and spend hours learning about your products and customers to create authentic content that aligns with your business objectives.
And when I deliver copy, it’s super-clean and on time.  
But enough about me. Let’s talk about how I can help you.